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Sushi 101

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1 Seat available
Price $65.00
Instructor: Yvette Hirang
Location: The Culinary Center of Kansas City

Let’s learn how to make sushi!  One of our most popular classes will be taught this evening by Chef Yvette Hirang who will show us the fundamental skills needed to make the basic types of rolls and get you “rollin’” yourself with some hands-on action. 

We’ll also learn the basics about sushi rice, the ingredients used with sushi such as wasabi and pickled ginger, how to safely store fish and where and how to buy sushi grade fish.  We’ll learn hand-rolling techniques and presentation of our sushi!  Sushi always delivers on flavor and fun so come learn what terms like “Nigiri,” “Temaki” and “Maki” mean and let’s get our sushi on! Oishii! (That means “yummy” in Japanese!)  Who said you can’t find great sushi in the Midwest? Now you can make it in YOUR kitchen!

You’ll get to try your hand at making sushi as well, and you’ll taste several types of sushi like Inside-out Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, and California Roll!  You’re crazy if you think you can’t do it yourself!

Please note that this is a basic skills class for beginners.

Hands On | Tastings
Tue. 3/19/19   6:30-9:00  p.m.

NOTE:  Unless otherwise noted, each evening class fee includes one glass of beer/wine, with additional beverages available at a nominal cost. 

If you plan to attend this class with another party who signed up separately, please add their name(s) to the INSTRUCTIONS/COMMENTS section of your online registration so that we can seat you together; otherwise we cannot ensure that you will be seated together for the class. If you register for multiple students at one time, that registration will prompt you to supply the names of all students you are registering and we will know to seat you together.  Thank you!