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Pre-Registration is Required For Cooking Classes
"Walk-in" registration is available assuming additional seats are available. 

What will I get to taste during a Class?
Tasting at the end of a class description means you will get to taste everything that is demonstrated or discussed in class. Keep in mind that our students rarely go away hungry! You may be served the tastings one at a time or all at one time at the end of class.

Lunch means you will be served a full lunch, seated at tables.
Dinner means you will be served a full dinner, seated at tables.

Level of Hands-On Involvement

Hands-On Classes. (HO) These classes involve hands-on participation by students to a greater degree. Please check specific class descriptions for more information. Students must wear kitchen-safe clothing and shoes.

Limited Hands-On Classes. (LHO) These classes involve hands-on participation by students but to a more limited degree. Usually the student will be be involved in one or two cooking processes during the class. Please check specific class descriptions for more information. Students must wear kitchen-safe clothing and shoes. 

Demonstration Classes. (D) Students will learn from observing the instructor.


Mask Policy.  We are committed to providing the highest degree of safety for our guests including compliance with all applicable governmental orders.  At this time, if you or your child are fully vaccinated, we do not require that masks be worn when attending a class. 

Cancellation Policy

We will gladly refund your class fee, transfer you to another class or credit your account with us,  as long as your request is made more than 3 calendar days prior to the class date (5 days for groups of 6 or more) (the "Cancellation Date"). Class reservations are similar to buying a concert ticket - while they are not refundable after the Cancellation Date, you are welcome to transfer your registration to another person. We appreciate knowing who that substitute is so our name tags are accurate. Please understand that no exceptions can be made to our policy as the instructors and the CCKC have already begun preparations for your class.

We reserve the right to cancel a class for any reason, including things like avalanches, pestilence, alien invasions and oh yes, low enrollment.  In the rare case that we have to cancel a class you will (of course) be offered the choice of a full refund, transfer to another class or a credit to your account.  Credits to your account may be used in our Kitchen Shop!

Missed Pro Series Class(es)
Just a reminder that beginning 3 days PRIOR to the first day of any Pro Series, no cancellations will be accepted for any of the classes in the Series.  In the event you miss a class, it will not be possible to send someone in your place or make up that class in a future Pro Series class.  Each class in this series builds upon the prior class.  In addition, part of the effectiveness of the class is the bonding and teamwork that is essential to this type of learning experience.  Therefore we stress to you to be here for your class sessions in order to get the maximum out of your experience.  We are sorry but no refunds will be allowed due to missed classes. 

Bad Weather Policy
In the event of tornados, plagues of locusts or any other inclement weather, we will make a determination no later than 2 hours prior to a class.  In the event of a cancellation of a class due to inclement weather, we will make every attempt to notify you by email using the information you provided to us upon registration.  (Note that if someone else signed you up for the class, we will ONLY notify them using the information THEY provided to us upon registering you for this class or event.)  We have the capability to email everyone in the class with a single email so that will be the method we will use to notify you.  We encourage you to check your email.  If we do choose to notify everyone via phone in addition to email and we are not able to speak with you in person, we will leave a message.  We will assume that you listen to your phone messages on a regular basis.  We encourage you to call us if you are in doubt.  Unless you hear from us either via email or phone based on the information provided to as at registration, the class will be held.

Adult Classes
Except for classes designated as "Junior Chefs Academy" (ages 9-14) and "Li'l Kids In The Kitchen" (ages 5-8), all students in adult classes must be at least 14 years of age to attend.  By your registration for an adult class, you attest to the fact that the student who will be attending will be at least 14 years of age on the date of the class.

Regarding Alcoholic Beverages
Please note that we do not allow outside alcoholic beverages of any kind to be brought into the Culinary Center, except for bottles of wine, provided, however, that a corking fee of $35 per each 750 ml will be assessed prior to our opening/serving this wine.  Complimentary alcoholic beverages are provided in many of the adult classes (see specific class description for details), and we do offer additional alcoholic beveraages for sale during most adult cooking classes as well.  

Li'l Kids classes (ages 5-8),
An adult is required to attend with the child (unless otherwise noted in the class description). We are sorry but unregistered additional adults or children will not be able to attend the class with the registered adult/child team (e.g., grandparents or another parent who 'just want to watch" or want to stay to take pictures, etc.).

All students are required to sign a waiver before class can begin.  The waivers are provided to students at the beginning of class (or click herefor a copy of the adult waiver (18 and over). 

Important Info Regarding Students Under 18
We require a waiver to be signed on behalf of each student by a parent or legal guardian prior to the child’s admittance to this class.  This waiver requests a phone number where you can be reached during the class if necessary, and names of any additional people who are authorized to pick up the child after class. Click here 
for a copy of Kid's Waiver.  We strongly encourage you to print off a copy and bring it to class with your student.  If we don’t receive a signed Waiver, your child will not be allowed to attend class.  We are sorry but we cannot make any exceptions to this rule.  If someone other than the parent drops off your child, they will need evidence that they are the legal guardian for your child in order to sign a Waiver at that time.  For safety reasons, we also recommend that all students closed-toed shoes, long pants and have long hair pulled back.

Important Information Regarding Children With Special Needs:   Our cooking instructors are skilled in teaching culinary education at an age appropriate level.  Several of our instructors even have early childhood and teaching background and certification.  However, we are not equipped to work with, nor are these classes designed for, children who may have special needs, issues with focus, or difficulty with sitting still to listen and concentrate on the instructor or issues with relating to other students in a classroom setting.  When we encounter a student who requires significant special attention, the experience for the other students suffers.  While our class and cooking camps are well staffed, we just don’t have the staff to be able to allocate someone to work directly with your child for the entire classShould we identify a situation where we believe a student falls within one or more of these categories, we will be contacting you to pick up your student.  Unfortunately we will not be able to issue a refund for all or any part of the class or camp fees.   Please feel free to call us to discuss any questions or concerns that you feel should be discussed in advance of your child’s class.  Please be aware of our 5-day cancellation policy.

 Whew…that was a lot of information but we want you to be informed!!


What should I wear?
For hands-on classes, comfortable clothing and kitchen-safe shoes are required. For dinner classes, special events, business casual is appropriate.

Suggested Arrival Time
We recommend that you arrive about 10 to 15 minutes prior to the class or event start time listed on our schedule.

Seating Arrangements
At the time of your reservation, please let us know if you are with another party so that you are seated together. If you don't let us know in advance, we can't guarantee that you'll be able to be seated together. We designate seats prior to student arrival.

Minimum Number of Students
There are a minimum number of students required in order for a class to be held. Be sure to make your reservations as soon as possible so that the class you desire isn't cancelled due to low enrollment.

Minimum Age of Students
There is a minimum age of 14 for our adult classes. Adult classes are those that do not specifically note the age range for which the class is designed. We regret that we cannot make exceptions. In order to make this a pleasant learning experience for all students, no young children or babies are allowed to accompany you in class.

Class Location
We have two teaching kitchens in our facility: The Tuscan Kitchen and the Santa Fe Kitchen. Unless specifically noted on the class description on our website, we will direct you, upon your arrival, to the kitchen where your class or event will be held. You may enter through our main Santa Fe entrance (7920 Santa Fe).

See you in our kitchens!