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(No Longer Available) The Brilliant Bagel

Price $60.00
Instructor: Paul McCool
Location: The Culinary Center of Kansas City
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There are few things more evocative of New York City than a perfectly made bagel.  Dense and chewy with a thin, crackling, shiny crust, the bagel makes a perfect platform for all kinds of good things.  

Unlock the secrets of what makes a bagel a bagel with guidance from one of the “McCool-est” baking instructors you’ll ever meet - Paul McCool.  (Hint: It really isn’t the water that makes a bagel a bagel!).  

Get experience mixing, kneading, shaping, poaching, and baking bagels.   You’ll never look at those sad and puffy ring-shaped excuses that stores call bagels the same way again.  

Did we mention that Paul has some ideas up his sleeve about flavorful schmears? Seriously, a bagel withouta schmear?  Oy vey!  

If all this excellent bagel pedagogy (ok…so, look it up.:) isn’t enough, you’ll check the box on a decent upper body workout as well!  (You’re welcome.) 

Hands On | Tasting & Take-Home Dough
Sat 4/27/19    10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Note: if you live more than a 30-45 minute drive from CCKC, bring a small cooler for your dough’s ride home.

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