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Elevate Your Steak...Including Grilling Lesson & An Intro To The 'Sous Vide' Cooking Technique

image for a Elevate Your Steak...Including Grilling Lesson & An Intro To The 'Sous Vide' Cooking Technique
2 Seats available
Price $60.00
Instructor: Bruce Campbell
Location: The Culinary Center of Kansas City

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May is National BBQ Month so today, we’re getting into the zone, and learning to achieve the perfect juicy steak - the right way! Preparing a great steak isn’t just about following a recipe, it’s about techniques.

Today, Award-Winning BBQ Guru, Bruce Campbell, will bust many of the myths as he shares his tips and secrets to achieving the perfect steak… every time.  He’ll cover basic skills that are needed when choosing your steak like grades, aging, when (and when not) to splurge on Prime, cattle breeds, hormones and antibiotics, fresh vs. frozen, plus a discussion on grass vs. corn-fed beef. 

And, that’s not all… you’ll also explore the magic of tenderizing to achieve a juicy steak as he teaches you to make Grilled Flank Steak with Asian Marinade. 

Since different steaks lend themselves to different preparations, you’ll learn essential techniques for grilling steaks such as direct heat vs. indirect heat, setting up the correct heat zones, types of coal to use, how to tell gauge when they’re done, as well as a dandy technique used to make a mouthwatering Reverse Smoked Herb Rubbed Ribeye with homemade Steak Butter. Yum.

Finally, Bruce will teach a lesson on preparing steaks using the trendy Sous Vide technique (Sous what? You’ll see.). He’ll explore how to season, use vac pacs, heated water bath, how to caramelize and serve steaks made with this interesting method as you learn to make Sous Vide Tenderloin with a beautiful Béarnaise Sauce. Trust us, this easy method will save you some real time in the kitchen!

Get ready to take lots of notes… this class will take your steak-cooking skills to the next level.

Demonstration Class | Tasting
Sun 5/5/19    11:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

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