(No Longer Available) The Vegetarian Kitchen

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Instructor: Gary Hild
Location: The Culinary Center of Kansas City

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A properly planned vegetarian diet can satisfy the nutritional needs for all stages of life. A vegetarian diet simply means that all animals (including poultry, game, fish and shellfish) are excluded from the diet. Although there can be several variations on the vegetarian diet, generally it is a plant-based diet with the addition of eggs and dairy products.

Join us for a fun morning of culinary education that’s dedicated to teaching you how to cook, eat and live better. Few chefs in our area know more about vegetarian cooking than Chef Gary Hild, a longtime CCKC instructor (and former CCKC Executive Chef!).

For many years, Chef Gary was also the Executive Chef at Unity Village, a facility widely known for its vegetarian cuisine. So, he knows what he’s talking about! He’s a firm believer that plant-based nutrition is nothing short of culinary medicine. We agree.

Today, he is here to share some of his customers’ all-time favorite vegetarian recipes and teach us some of his favorite tips as you learn to cook tasty vegetarian entrees, salads, and more!

He’ll explain the vegetarian diet, the basics of cooking vegetarian, and as he teaches essential culinary techniques such as knife skills, the proper way to mix and measure, and more, to assist us in making the most of this nutrition lifestyle.

These are really great vegetarian recipes, and Chef Gary has an arsenal of them to share with us like Chocolate Hummus (no, we’re not kidding!), Caramelized Root Vegetable Salad,  a savory Lentil Soup with Lemon Yogurt, Quinoa Pilaf that includes spinach mushrooms & carrots, and Polenta with Kale & Strawberry Glaze.

Bring your questions and your pencils because you’ll get loads of information from a very informed vegetarian expert who walks the walk, and talks the talk.

Limited Hands On | Tasting
Sat. 4/27/19   10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

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