(Moved from 5/22) Mediterranean Meals In A Bowl - Soup, Salad, Grains & More!

image for a (Moved from 5/22) Mediterranean Meals In A Bowl - Soup, Salad, Grains & More!
Price $60.00
Instructor: Gary Hild
Location: The Culinary Center of Kansas City
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NOTE: This class was moved from Wed 5/22.

Did you know that you can eat a complete healthy meal out of a single bowl?  Well, you can, and it’s one of the hottest new food trends around. Even if you’re one of those people who doesn’t like your food to touch (you know who you are!), creating a super nutrient-packed bowl with homemade soup, or by combining some of your favorite proteins, leafy greens and grains, just might change your mind. 

These powerhouse combinations are super quick & easy to prepare heart-healthy plant-based meals that tastes good while emphasizing the health benefits of Mediterranean-based ingredients.

Join longtime CCKC instructor, Chef Gary Hild for an evening of culinary education, as only Gary can provide, focusing on his tips and delicious Mediterranean-based recipes that support health and vitality.  He’ll teach several of his favorite dishes that will have you covered for the entire day. 

Chef Gary is a true expert on this subject, because he LIVES it.  He’s dedicated to teaching students how to cook, eat and live better, and a firm believer that healthy cooking using fresh ingredients is nothing short of culinary medicine.  Today’s recipes are intensely flavorful and high in nutrition.

Chef Gary will teach you how to prepare gems such as a Spicy Chickpea Soup, Sweet Potato Salad, a delicious Toasted Farro Spring Vegetable Bowl... even a simple Quinoa Breakfast Bowl that will fill you up, and keep you satisfied for hours.

You’ll get in on some of the cooking activities next to Chef Gary, too. What a great class!

Limited Hands On | Tasting
Wed 5/22/19     6:30 - 9:00 p.m.


NOTE:  Unless otherwise noted, each evening class fee includes one glass of beer/wine with additional beverages available at a nominal cost. 

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