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Junior Chefs (9-14): Kids Learn ‘Good 'Pho You’ Asian Noodle Dishes... including Exploding Noodles!

image for a Junior Chefs (9-14): Kids Learn ‘Good 'Pho You’ Asian Noodle Dishes... including Exploding Noodles!
18 Seats available
Price $55.00
Instructor: Yvette Hirang
Location: The Culinary Center of Kansas City

Kids (ages 9-14) love noodle dishes! Today, they’ll learn how to make some delicious Asian comfort foods that focus on noodles as one of the main ingredients.

Longtime CCKC instructor Chef Yvette Hirang is excited to show them how to make some of her favorite Asian noodle dishes, from scratch. Working in the kitchen alongside this delightful professional, the kids will use their noodle as they learn to make a variety of Asian dishes that they can recreate at home.

They’ll acquire lots of great cooking skills and techniques throughout the class and learn about Asian ingredients, spices and flavor profiles.

She’ll begin by teaching basic culinary techniques like knife skills, chopping, sautéing, sauce-making tips, and more as they learn to make a traditional Vietnamese Pho and Lo Mein, where you’ll be making your own noodles.  Chef Yvette will also include a lesson on the popular Exploding Noodles. You heard that right!

Grab your chopsticks (or your fork, for you newbies) and slurp and twirl with us as kids make these tasty authentic Asian comfort foods.

Hands On | Tasting
Sun. 7/21/19   10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

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