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(No Longer Available)Ridiculously Good Breakfast (Or Anytime!) Dishes with Chef Dana Holland

Price $60.00
Instructor: Dana Holland
Location: The Culinary Center of Kansas City
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Breakfast for dinner rules.  It’s thumbing your nose at what is and is not deemed appropriate.  Assert your independence tonight at one of Chef Dana Holland’s most popular cooking classes.  (Yup, you heard me.  I guess there are a lot of you punk rule breakers out there, huh?) 

Now folks, we’re not talkin’ a half box of Lucky Charms when we say breakfast for dinner (although that would be the ultimate “Take That, Mom!”, wouldn’t it?)  No, you are an adult now and you are, in fact, capable of more in the kitchen than frozen Eggos in the toaster oven. 

Tonight, Chef and experienced culinary instructor Dana Holland will start you off with a breakfast cocktail and two versions off his famous Scones … because, why wouldn’t he? 

Then, Chef will expand your ‘breakfast-for-dinner’ horizons, including some hands-on cooking opportunity for you, as he teaches dishes like Cheddar Scallion Made-From-Scratch Drop Biscuits, Bubba Bennies (Chef’s famous ‘take’ complete with an easy indoor pulled pork recipe), Hollandaise Sauce (made the correct way), Sweet Potato Mushroom Hash, and Orange Vanilla Star Anise Fruit.  Luckily these dishes make dope leftovers the next morning.

So, wear your jammies, if you like… and, let’s get crackin’!  (Prizes will be given out for ‘Best Breakfast For Dinner Attire’.  Just sayin’!)

Limited Hands On | Tastings & Breakfast Inspired Cocktail, plus a Gift from the Chef
Tue 4/23/19    6:30 - 9:00 p.m.

NOTE:  Unless otherwise noted, each evening class fee includes one glass of beer/wine, with additional beverages available at a nominal cost. 

If you plan to attend this class with another party who signed up separately, please add their name(s) to the COMMENTS section of your online registration so that we can seat you together; otherwise we cannot ensure that you will be seated together for the class. If you register for multiple students at one time, that registration will prompt you to supply the names of all students you are registering and we will know to seat you together.  Thank you!