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Culinary Tour in New York City Neighborhoods

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4 Seats available
Price $75.00
Instructor: CCKC Executive Chef Jill Garcia Schmidt
Location: The Culinary Center of Kansas City

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“I want to be a part of it… New York, New York…” as the famous song goes! So, “join us already” as CCKC Executive Chef Jill Garcia Schmidt takes you on a Friday night culinary walking tour highlighting the foods of famous New York City neighborhoods. 

Can you just imagine the exciting sounds and smells coming from restaurants in various Burroughs around this eclectic city? What an exhilarating melting pot where every language is spoken, every nation and race represented and every dream conjured... not to mention a plethora of amazing ethnic cuisine.

Our first stop will be the Lower East Side for an ode to the Jewish deli. Oy vey, you’d be meshuggeneh to think we wouldn’t nosh on homemade Bagel Chips with Lox and Schmear.  I mean, seriously... the schmears are the best part, right?

We’ll keep strolling to the ever popular Little Italy neighborhood and enjoy a Charcuterie / Antipasto platter as our appetizer to showcase all of the freshly made cheese and specialty cured meats found in authentic Italian markets. While we’re at it, how about a Spiked Lemon Ice. After all, it’s Friday night! Fuggedabouddit.

A short walk further, and we’re entering Chinatown where we’ll feast on authentic Shrimp Potstickers, then we’ll be on our way to find some of the best street food New York has to offer - Halal Guys Chicken and Rice. It’s so freakin’ good you’ll wanna slap yo’ Mama. (Don’t do that.)

The evening is warm and the taxis are flying by.  We finally flag one down and we’re on our way to our final destination, Broadway, where you’ll get to help Chef Jill make an authentic Jrs. Cheesecake - a no-bake version of the iconic New York dessert favorite. Seriously, who could leave the Big Apple without it?

You’ll get to tie on an apron and help prepare some of tonight’s classic food. Save the airfare and join us!   It'll be a Friday night to remember right here in KC as you relish in tasty New York culinary treasures!  

Limited Hands On | Tasting
Fri 8/9/19    6:30 - 9:00 p.m.

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