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(No Longer Available) Doughnut-ology: The Bountiful Bismarck

image for a (No Longer Available) Doughnut-ology: The Bountiful Bismarck
2 Seats available
Price $60.00
Instructor: Paul McCool
Location: The Culinary Center of Kansas City


Whether you call them Bismarcks, Paczkis, or Polish Donuts, you’ll still get a mouthful of goodness with these wonderful filled doughnuts. 

Join us for one of the “McCoolest” pastry classes you’ll take with The Culinary Center of Kansas City’s version of Alton Brown - Paul McCool.  He’ll bring these flavorful delights to you straight from his mother’s kitchen where they were a highly anticipated treat whenever she made them.  

A sweet, rich, yeasted dough, fragrant with nutmeg that fries to a deep russet brown on the outside while the inside stays moist and tender.  You can sugar them, glaze them or eat them plain and call them good.  But, sometimes good isn’t really good enough.  (This is also applicable to life as well, right? …but I digress.) When stuffed with cream filling or fruit preserves, the Bismarck becomes a bodacious party in your mouth.

In this class you’ll learn to mix, knead, ferment, roll, cut, rise, coat, fill and fry.  Once cool, you’ll individualize yours with coatings and fillings. Oh, yum!  Let’s get this party started.

Note: If you live more than a 30-45 minute drive from CCKC, bring a small cooler with you to carry your dough home without it over-fermenting. 

Hands On | Tasting & Take-Home Dough
Sat 10/12/19     10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

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