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(No Longer Available) Makin’ Bacon! The Fundamentals of Curing Sausage, Pancetta And More!

image for a (No Longer Available) Makin’ Bacon! The Fundamentals of Curing Sausage, Pancetta And More!
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Price $65.00
Instructor: Dana Holland
Location: The Culinary Center of Kansas City

If you’ve never tasted a freshly cured bacon, pancetta or sausage, then you’re in for a treat. Besides, these savory delights are all the rage these days what with the resurgence of entrepreneurial butcher shops and deli’s. 

Experienced culinary instructor, Chef Dana Holland will lead today's lesson in practical cookery as you learn the fundamentals of fresh sausage-making and curing techniques that can be recreated in your home kitchen.

He’ll cover tips such as the perfect way to control the grade and types of meat used, the spices, the fat… everything! Don’t let this process intimidate you, Chef Dana is a seasoned professional and will show you the way! 

He’ll start by preparing sausages like Italian, Chorizo, a spicy Cajun Sausage as well as Turkey Apple Bratwurst as he discusses blending spices, how to choose meat, stuffing, casings and smoking meat and will also educate you about some of the ingredients that are used in sausage making.

That’s not all…he’ll also cover curing techniques as you learn to make fresh Pancetta, Corned Beef , the ever-popular Beef Jerky, and more. You’ll get to tie on an apron and help Chef with some of the hands-on activities, too.  It’s easier than you think. Sign up and see for yourself!

Limited Hands On | Tasting & Take-Home Sausage
Sun 10/20/19    11:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

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