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Dinner With The Sopranos: Pop-Up Supper Club with Chef Sandy DiGiovanni

image for a Dinner With The Sopranos: Pop-Up Supper Club with Chef Sandy DiGiovanni
Price $75.00
Instructor: Sandy DiGiovanni
Location: The Culinary Center of Kansas City
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The Boss, a/k/a Chef Sandy DiGiovanni, would like me to invite you to join her tonight for an authentic Italian dinner with some of her wiseguy friends, at their favorite Supper Club. She told me to tell you that she’s gonna break da' code of silence and show all of yous how to make some real Italian Mafia food. You know, da kind of foods that Pauli from Goodfellas and his minions woulda ate in the back room of da' Ba Da Boom. 

You may recognize Chef Sandy’s name as a finalist from NBC’s “America’s Next Great Restaurant”.  (No, that’s not a cover. And, no, she’s not in the witness protection program (that we know of) – it’s a real thing.)  She’s an engaging instructor, and expert Italian cook. You’ll see.

Tonight, she’s gonna prove it as she teaches you a menu that is so good, you’re gonna think you got whacked by some wiseguy and went to “Little Italy” in heaven. I kid you not. 

Chef Sandy will instruct you as to a Beef Carpaccio, followed by a classic Grilled Caesar Salad with Focaccia de Recco. Then, on to our fantastic entrée of Pasta alla Gricia (pasta with bacon, pepper, and Romano cheese), Tenderloin Saltimbocca with Charred Cherry Tomatoes and a side of creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes. Fuggedaboutit.   You will don an apron (unless you think you look good in concrete boots) and work alongside Chef to help her prepare some of the recipes tonight, too.  Aww, don’t be scared, you’re gonna have a good time. Cause I said so. 

Of course, the night wouldn’t be complete without a drop-dead authentic Italian dessert, so you’ll learn to make Chef Sandy’s world-famous (well, almost) Spumoni Affogato (drowned ice cream) with Chocolate Clementine Cake. You heard me.

We promise an authentic Goodfellas experience - right down to the long group tables, the Louis Prima music and your new circle of “business associates” (er, I mean best friends). And, if you don't make any wrong moves, Chef Sandy will let you take home her recipes for this amazing Italian feast. You're welcome.  

So, don’t be a sap… sign up early. This is gonna be good... real good… Capiche?

Limited Hands On | Dinner
Sat 1/25/20     6:30 - 9:00 p.m.

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