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Weekday Cooking Lessons: Eggs Done Egg-zactly Right

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3 Seats available
Price $85.00
Instructor: CCKC Executive Chef Jill Garcia Schmidt
Location: The Culinary Center of Kansas City

In this informative 3-hour weekday cooking class, CCKC Executive Chef Jill Garcia Schmidt, with her fun teaching style and passion for all things cooking, will teach us all we need to know about the versatile egg, not to mention loads of essential culinary techniques.

Hey, did you know that the hundred folds in a chefs toque (that tall, pleated hat) represent the hundred ways to cook an egg? Fact. See? You've already learned something new about the egg!

Eggs perform many cooking tasks, from holding foods together to leavening, and more. However, for all their versatility and wonder, eggs present challenges to the cook.  Precisely because they are such a basic ingredient, it’s easy to overlook how important egg know-how is to fine cooking.  Understanding how to use eggs can mean the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary dish. 

Chef Jill is eager to teach you the know-how, practical application, and the language and techniques relating to the ubiquitous egg.  You’ll learn as she shows you the right way to bake, boil, fry, poach, and scramble with perfection. She’ll also throw out a few baking tips while showing you how to make the perfect souffle. Whoa… fancy!

You’ll get to tie on an apron and practice some of the techniques you’ll learn alongside Chef Jill. And, as always, you’ll take home the recipes so you can re-create these gems in your own kitchen.  Trust us, this class will change the way you cook… promise!

Limited Hands On | Tasting
Tue 2/04/20    10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

If you plan to attend this class with another party who signed up separately, please add their name(s) to the COMMENTS section of your online registration so that we can seat you together; otherwise we cannot ensure that you will be seated together for the class. If you register for multiple students at one time, that registration will prompt you to supply the names of all students you are registering and we will know to seat you together.  Thank you!