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(No Longer Available) "TWO MAKE A PAIR"-A Special Valentine's Dinner Feat. Pairings of Food & Love

image for a (No Longer Available) "TWO MAKE A PAIR"-A Special Valentine's Dinner Feat. Pairings of Food & Love
Price $97.50
Instructor: CCKC Chef Sergio Lara & Staff
Location: The Culinary Center of Kansas City
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Lancelot & Guinevere, Bert & Ernie, John Smith & Pocahontas, Homer & Marge … all famous couples. In honor of Valentine's Day we have created a unique dinner of famous pairings of food and love that you'll only find here at The Culinary Center of Kansas City®, complete with wine tastings and a sweet hands-on activity designed just for the two of you. 

Our culinary parade of twosomes will begin with a CCKC original craft cocktail inspired by the famous paramours Superman and Lois Lane -the Kryptonite Cocktail.

Next, we'll be seated to appetizers while our own Chef Sergio tells the romantic story of what he will be serving for dinner including a culinary demonstration. The next chapter in our tasty love story is a beautiful salad inspired by the royal French pair of Napoleon & Josephine which has been taken to the next culinary level by another famous lover of French food - Jacques Pepin with his lively Champagne Vinaigrette.   

Tonight's old-school entrée of Steak Oscar will take us back to those classy Vegas hotel dining rooms that served the likes of classy couples like Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner. 

Chef Sergio will cook a tender beef filet to perfection, top it with a Crab Cake, Hollandaise Sauce and a Port Wine Demi Glace, then serve it alongside Duchesse Potatoes and sautéed seasonal vegetables. 

For dessert, think of the sultry silhouette of Beyoncé combined with the smooth good taste of Jay-Z as we serve you Red Wine Poached Pears with Chantilly Cream Sauce.  If you concentrate just a tad, you'll pick up just a hint of the fiery Mexican doublet of Frieda and Diego in the Chili Chocolate Sauce that accompanies it.

Like that's not enough, your evening will include an opportunity for you and your honey to join forces with a sweet little hands-on activity where you'll decorate your very own Dark Chocolate Ganache Heart Cake to take home and enjoy however you like.  No judging here… promise! 

We don't fool around when it comes to unique dining experiences in our kitchens.  We hope you and your sweetie-pie will join us.

"For me, the cooking life has been a long love affair, with moments both sublime and ridiculous." -Anthony Bourdain 

Dinner, Wine, Cooking Demo & A Take-Home Cake-For-2 Designed By You! 
Thu 2/13/20    6:30 - 9:00 p.m.

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