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(No Longer Available) ONLINE! Eat Your Greens-Cooking Fresh From The Farmers Market w/ Chef Jill

image for a (No Longer Available) ONLINE! Eat Your Greens-Cooking Fresh From The Farmers Market w/ Chef Jill
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Instructor: Chef & Lead Instructor Jill Garcia Schmidt
Location: Online Cooking Class!
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Yup!  We'll be sharing the same amazing culinary education you'd get if your backside were in a seat in our kitchens, except you can be in your jammies (we won't judge!).  Take notes.  Ask questions and have the instructor answer them LIVE!  Take your skills in the kitchen up a tasty notch.  We promise it'll feel a whole lot like you're here AND you'll be practicing safe social-distancing (See what we did there?) (See details  below to register.)

Class Description: 

The Overland Park Farmers Market is in full swing now, so what better time to learn what the heck to do with all of those fabulously fresh leafy spring greens that will be overflowing on the market tables.   

Join Chef & Lead Instructor Jill Garcia Schmidt in a  fun online cooking class where you will FINALLY become a Greens Evangelist as you learn pro tips on how to work and cook with these green powerhouses. 

Let’s face it. You know they’re good for you, but you don’t have a clue how to use them, right? Don’t be scared. We will make you a believer in the tasty power of kale, chard and other luscious greens as Chef shows you how to make delicious dishes right before you very eyes. You will learn to identify the greens, how to choose them, how each is best prepared and a lot more.

Mom always told us to “eat our greens”, so let’s learn to do it the right way!  

Online Class | Includes Recipes
Wed 5/27/20     Class Begins At 10:00 a.m. CST

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