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Full-Day Bread-Making 101 with Chef Mari Ruck (Class Added on Sun 11/8)

image for a Full-Day Bread-Making 101 with Chef Mari Ruck (Class Added on Sun 11/8)
Price $70.00
Instructor: Mari Ruck
Location: The Culinary Center of Kansas City
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NOTE: Another class has been added on Sun 11/8. Please visit that date on our calendar to register.  Thank you! 

Culinary instructor and kick-butt bread baker, Chef Mari Ruck, will take the mystery out of bread making and start you on the road to becoming someone who doesn’t glaze over at the sight of a packet of yeast. Yeah… we’re talking to you.

In this 5-hour class, you will learn about flours, yeasts, salt, sugars, methods and types of loaves, in addition to basic bread making techniques. You will actually mix and knead your own handcrafted bread to take home and finish baking. (That way you will get the great smell in your own house! You’re welcome.)  

Now, don’t loaf, sign up today! 

Note: If you live more than a 30-45 minute drive from CCKC, bring a small cooler with you to carry your dough home without it over fermenting)

Participation Class | Light Lunch & Take-Home, Ready-to-Bake Dough
Sun 9/13/20      9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

NOTE: For Onsite Classes, when you arrive, please check in with our Class Assistant who will give you information as to where you will be seated.  We will be arranging our classrooms to allow for social distancing. In order to comply with governmental orders and for the protection of our guests and staff, we ask that you wear a mask when here at The Culinary Center of Kansas City. If you are planning to sit next to someone else attending the class, we would suggest arriving at least 20 minutes prior to the start time of the class so that we can address that request.  Both students would need to be comfortable with the request to be seated together. Thank you!