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ONLINE CLASS! Cheese-Making Workshop - Let’s Get Cheesy... featuring Ricotta

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Instructor: Dr. Lisa Sharpe Elles
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Yup!  We'll be sharing the same amazing culinary education you'd get if your backside were in a seat in our kitchens, except you can be in your jammies (we won't judge!).  Take notes.  Ask questions and have the instructor answer them LIVE!  Take your skills in the kitchen up a tasty notch.  We promise it'll feel a whole lot like you're here AND you'll be practicing safe social-distancing (See what we did there?) (See details  below to register.)

Class Description: 

Calling all Cheese Heads – young and old! Have you ever wondered how cheese is made or what exactly are curds and whey? If the answer is yes, and you are a lover of all things cheesy (and who isn’t?!), then this super-fun cheese-making family workshop is for you.

Today’s instructor, Dr. Lisa Sharpe Elles, has designed an interesting class that’s a perfect blend of culinary cooking and science lessons that cheese lovers of all ages are sure to enjoy. 

Dr. Lisa is a chemistry professor and avid home cook, and today she’ll show you how to tap into your inner “Alton Brown” (think Food TV’s favorite kitchen scientist) and teach you about the basic science of milk and cheese as you learn how easy (and fun!) it is to turn it into fresh cheese.

You’ll discover that a little bit of scientific knowledge can go a long way in the kitchen… and that science in the kitchen can be lots of fun!  Let’s get started! 

Fresh cheese, sometimes called Ricotta or Queso Fresco, is made by denaturing and precipitating milk proteins using heat and acid (think lemon juice or vinegar). In less scientific terms, cheese is basically curdled milk that actually tastes good. 

You’ll learn to make one of the easiest cheeses for home chefs of all ages to make, and it is very likely that you already have the ingredients in your own kitchen. But just in case you don’t, we’ve got your back ‘cause we’ll provide a shopping list so that you can be sure you have the everything on hand when class begins.

Forget about that processed supermarket stuff, because you’re going to know how to make delicious fresh cheese - from scratch. It’s not hard to do. And trust us, after you learn how, you’ll be hooked. Promise. 

Online Class | Includes Recipes & Shopping List
Sat 7/11/20   Begins at 1:30 p.m. CST

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