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(No Longer Available) Full-Day Backyard Smoking Workshop with Educator of 'Que' Chef Richard McPeake

image for a (No Longer Available) Full-Day Backyard Smoking Workshop with Educator of 'Que' Chef Richard McPeake
Price $295.00
Instructor: Chef Richard McPeake
Location: The Culinary Center of Kansas City
Sold Out

NOTE: This class was moved from Sun 8/9. 

People, it doesn’t get any better than this! Learn how to smoke in a day!! In this 6-hour class, you’ll work alongside the master himself, Chef Richard McPeake, in a full-day live demonstration class with student participation from start to finish.

Our goal is that each student will go home with complete confidence to cook absolutely great barbecue! You’ll receive significant one-on-one instruction from Chef Richard (a 35-year BBQ veteran and 40-year professional chef) as well as Bruce Campbell (a 20+year BBQ veteran and restaurant industry professional) with the goal of helping you get the most from your own equipment.

It’s all going to be covered today, folks, including the tricks and tips of the trade of BBQ cookery; selecting, trimming and cutting raw meats, including ribs; working with whole chickens; demos on brisket and pork butt prep; mops; how to make your ribs 'bone' tender; BBQ rubs; the 4 flavor stages; and if that’s not enough, you’ll make your own signature rub!

Includes discussions on: BBQ styles and regions; smoking wood selection and use; building an efficient fire including fuel choices; controlling your fire and heat; exploding the cooking time myth; and speeding up the cooking process without burning.

When the day is done, each student will have made Baby Back Ribs, BBQ Rubbed Whole Chicken and BBQ Spiced Italian Sausage to take home and show off. 

We'll end our class with an award ceremony where everyone will be presented with the coveted “Certificate of Smokology” from Chef Richard himself.

Bring your own smoker, large or small, (or reserve one of ours *) and any special attachments or favorite tools, if you like… or maybe you have your own sauce or rub you’d like to share… bring it too!

Very limited enrollment. Class held rain or shine. C’mon, real BBQ’s do it in the rain! 

Participation Class | Includes all food products, wood, fuel, lunch and additional tastings
Sun 8/2/20    9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 

NOTE:Add a “piggy-back” spouse or partner for an additional $100 as long as you share the same smoker and same food products, wood and fuel.  Don’t worry… you won’t have to share your lunch ‘cause we’ll feed your “piggy back” partner! Call 913-341-4455 to register your “piggy-back” partner as this can’t be done online. 

* IMPORTANT NOTE: You must call us to reserve one of our smokers if you are not going to bring your own.

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