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Hello Gorgeous! Impressive Custards, Cheesecake & Pot de Crème

image for a Hello Gorgeous! Impressive Custards, Cheesecake & Pot de Crème
24 Seats available
Price $95.00
Instructor: Chef Natasha Goellner
Location: The Culinary Center of Kansas City

Join us for an incredible 3-hour pastry arts master class where you’ll enter into an intimate cooking experience with a seasoned pastry chef and instructor.  It’s your chance to step behind the scenes and into the world of a culinary pro.

Expect lots of individualized cooking time as you work alongside Pastry Chef Natasha Goellner as she teaches the fundamentals of making perfect custards and cheesecakes. She’s an engaging professional with tons of experience.  Chef is a graduate of The French Culinary Institute, past owner of Mulberry & Mott and currently the Pastry Chef at The Antler Room, so you can be assured you’re in very capable hands.

Perfecting custards requires an understanding of eggs and their properties and Chef will cover all the angles. The possibilities are endless when it comes to custards. Chef will begin by teaching you to make a basic Crème Anglaise Sauce and then process into ice cream, which you’ll get to taste at the end of class. Yum.

You’ll learn several more custard applications to create lovely desserts such a fancy-schmancy Pot de Crème and a classic Cheesecake. 

Making cheesecakes from scratch isn’t as hard you might imagine – they’re egg-based and have some fundamental techniques that apply to their preparation: proper mixing and measurement techniques, cooking with low heat, cooling to avoid shrinkage, chilling and lots of other factors that make for a perfect cheesecake.

You’ll gain a practical and serious understanding of the many techniques used in creating perfect custards and cheesecakes from a real pro and leave today’s informative class with the confidence to recreate them in your own kitchen. 

Hands On | Tasting & Take-Home Pot de Crème
Sun 11/14/21       10:00 a.m. -1:00 p.m.

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