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Sat. Morning 'Grill & Chill': Italian Flavors

image for a Sat. Morning 'Grill & Chill': Italian Flavors
16 Seats available
Price $95.00
Instructor: Bruce Campbell
Location: The Culinary Center of Kansas City

Hands On / Tastings / Brunchy Cocktail
Sat. 4/15/23 11am – 1:30pm   $85
Chef Bruce Campbell
May is BBQ Month! Let’s get a jump on the KC BBQ season – Italian Style! In this laid-back Saturday morning class, we’ll start with a brunchy cocktail that says “it’s almost noon somewhere” and then we’ll get down to learning how to grill the right way!  Fire-building, heat zones, testing for doneness, gas versus coal grilling…all the basics to turn your backyard grilling from good to great.  If we’re going to learn to grill, let’s pick up some killer recipes inspired by the Italian countryside that feature fresh and healthful ingredients as well as amazing flavor combinations.  Think Chicken Diavolo, Grilled Zucchini with Ricotta, Fire-Roasted Spuds, Antipasto Skewers and a gorgeous Panzanella Salad. And if you think we could leave out a grilled dessert you must still be a little squiffy from your Friday Night Happy Hour because you’ll also learn how to make “Grilla-misu.”  (Grillawhat?)  It’s Tiramisu…only it’s grilled. C’mon down to our ‘grill & chill’.