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Knife Skills: An Essential Class For Cooks (More Classes on 8/15 & 9/6)

image for a Knife Skills: An Essential Class For Cooks (More Classes on 8/15 & 9/6)
Price $65.00
Instructor: Chef Richard McPeake
Location: The Culinary Center of Kansas City
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NOTE: We have added more classes on 8/15 & 9/6. Please visit those dates on our online calendar to register. Thank you! 
Hands On  
Wed 7/13/22    6:30-9:00 p.m.
(Feel free to bring your own knives to class, or you may use our knives for the class.)

Please note that alcoholic drinks will not be available during this class.

Class Description: 
Any chef will tell you that there is no substitute for proper knife skills as the foundation for all other cooking skills. We have been offering this powerhouse class since we opened in 1998 and interest hasn’t waned one iota!
In this class, you’ll learn all about knives that are right for you. In addition, you’ll explore sharpening, storage and other important information, plus learn cutting techniques like chopping, dicing, batonette, cubes, julienne, chiffonade and more. You’ll learn some important techniques under the supervision and tutelage of Chef Richard McPeake. This is a must for all of those serious about cooking!
NOTE: Please be aware that all cancellations must be received prior to 72 hours before the start time of your class. For more information, and to view all class-related policies, including cancellation, masks, and safety-related measures, please click here. 


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