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Li’l Kids (5-8): Kids Learn The Building Blocks Of Cooking!

image for a Li’l Kids (5-8): Kids Learn The Building Blocks Of Cooking!
1 Seat available
Price $85.00
Instructor: Tracy Richter
Location: The Culinary Center of Kansas City

Hands On | Tasting
Fri 6/17/22  10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Class Description: 

Calling all young video game fans (ages 5-8)! We need you in a “at Headquarters (aka The Culinary Center of Kansas City™) for an interactive cooking class for kids and their adult cooking partners as we pay tribute to some of their favorite video game characters.

You’ll be greeted with a Potion of Strength Power Drink (aka a yummy smoothie) to get your creative juices flowing. Then you’ll work together as a team under the experienced watchful eye of culinary instructor Tracy Richter. She’ll explore basic culinary building blocks that will help kids develop skills such as mixing, measuring and knife skills, using kid-friendly tools.

They’ll use their newfound skills as they create Creeper Crispies - green and gooey treats that are too delicious to be scary and they never explode, Marshmallow Ghasts with the perfect blend of cute and scary, but you’ll be safe from fireballs and creepy high-pitched sounds with these delicious treats. Whew!  

And, finally, Portal Cookies (aka magical sugar cookies) where the kids will be making the dough, and rolling, cutting out and decorate the cookies with candy.  A super fun cooking class that kids will love. 

Class fee of $85.00 per adult/child team.  Please note that “seats available” refers to the number of adult/child team spots available in class


NOTE: Please be aware that all cancellations must be received prior to 72 hours before the start time of your class.  For more information, and to view all class-related policies, including cancellation, masks, and safety-related measures, please click here.

We Require A Waiver Signed By Parent/Legal Guardian: 

·       Prior to admittance to this class, a Waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.    [Click here to download the Waiver]

·       Note that the Waiver requires that you provide  (1) a phone numberwhere you can be reached during the class if necessary and (2) name(s) of any additional people who are authorized to pick upthe child after class.  

·       We encourage you to print off a copy of this Waiver, sign it and either 1) scan and email it to heather@kcculinary.comor 2) bring it to class with your student.  Without an appropriately signed Waiver your child will not be allowed to attend class.  We are sorry but we cannot make any exceptions to this rule.  Also note that If someone other than the parent signs a Waiver, they will need a legal document to be presented that shows without question that they have the legal authority to sign a Waiver on behalf of your child at that time.

What To Wear To Class:  For safety reasons, we also recommend that students wear close-toed shoes, long pants and have long hair pulled back.

If Your Child Plans To Attend Class With Someone Else, when your child arrives, please ask them to check in with our Class Assistant who will give them information as to where they will be seated.  We will be arranging our classrooms to allow for social distancing.  In order to comply with governmental orders and for the protection of our guests and staff, your child must wear a mask when here at The Culinary Center of Kansas City. If your child is planning to sit next to someone attending with them, we would suggest arriving at least 20 minutes prior to the same start time of the class so that we can address that request.  Both students would need to be comfortable with the request to be seated together. Thank you! 

Only Registered Students Allowed In The Classroom During Class:  This is so your child will have the best possible experience and the instructors have their full attention.  Parents should plan to pick up their students at the end of the advertised hours for their class.

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