Intro to Plant-Based Cooking with Healthy Cooking Expert Chef Gary Hild

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Price $65.00
Instructor: Chef Gary Hild
Location: The Culinary Center of Kansas City
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Demonstration Class | Tasting
Mon 10/24/22   6:30-9:00 p.m.

Class Description: 

Whatever beliefs you may have on plant-based cuisine, its popularity is growing at lightning speed and, tonight, you’ll learn what all the buzz is about!

Get ready for lots of great tips and plant-based recipes from a consummate culinary professional, Chef Gary Hild.  He’s a firm believer that healthy cooking is nothing short of culinary medicine, and trust us, he walks the walk!  Chef Gary is passionate about living an active lifestyle, so he has much to “bring to the table” in this fun and informative exploration into the plant-based kitchen.

You’ll discover the variety of rich and tasty dishes you will be able to savor using grains, legumes, nuts, oh, and veggies!  See, it isn’t just about veggies! Eating out will be discussed, recipes, cooking methods, storage solutions, make-ahead meals, and more.

Chef Gary will teach some basic culinary skills as he walks you through some of his favorite and incredibly delicious plant-based recipes like Sweet Potato & Poblano Soup, Mushroom Medley that includes a lesson on making Cashew Cream. Plus, an interesting Moroccan Tofu & Lentils dish, and creamy, dreamy Vegan Chocolate Pudding for a sweet ending.

Plus, you’ll take home the recipes for these gems so you can incorporate them in your own kitchen on your quest for a healthier lifestyle. Who says plant-based foods can’t taste great!


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