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Price $75.00
Instructor: Bruce Campbell
Location: The Culinary Center of Kansas City
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Hands On | Tasting
Wed 2/15/23   6:30-9:00 p.m.

Class Description: 

Holy cow there’s a lot to learn about barbecue and its relationship with beer, liquor and wine. Tonight, our expert BBQ & Beverage Dude with 25+ years in the the “biz”, Bruce Campbell, will teach us some fabulous barbecue recipes that utilize beer and liquor.

We’ll learn to prepare: Beer & Bacon Queso Fundido, Bourbon & Brown Sugar Planked Salmon, Grilled “Carib'bq” Shrimp, Smoked Amaretto Sweet Potatoes and end with Grilled Pound Cake with Pineapple Salsa & Tequila Whipped Cream. Oh yeah. While we’re at it, we’ll learn some cocktail mixing skills like the “Corona Limeade”. Sound like fun? Of course, it does! Join us, won’t you?  


  • This class includes one specialty drink.  Additional alcoholic beverages are available for purchase. 
  • Our Kitchen Shop Experience™ will be open for browsing prior to class, during any breaks and after class. 
  • Should you need to cancel your registration, it must be received prior to 72 hours before the start time of this class.  For more information, and to view all class-related information and policies, please click here.

Offering serious educational curriculum dedicated to the art and science of grilling and smoking, our Midwest Barbecue Institute™ classes are taught by some of the finest BBQ instructors in the world….right here in Kansas City! Classes are offered on a continuing basis through the year with new topics and classes added continuously. Customized BBQ events are available too!  


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